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Our sticks are made of thin wall, 1/2" diameter aircraft quality aluminum making them lightweight and extremely durable. They are anodized black and have tips and grips of rubber tubing, except for the Tenor Bass and Bass sticks which have tips made from shaved and shaped Super Pinky rubber balls. The sticks are well balanced. The lengths of the sticks are 8" for Tenor, 9" for Double Tenor/Double Second, 10" for Double Guitar/Triple Guitar/Four-Pan and Tenor Bass, 12" for Bass.

Length of sticks can be special ordered if you have a personal preference. Replacement tips and grips are available.



Our stands are adjustable, durable and easy to store and transport in a small space. They are made of ¾” square steel with ½” adjustable height inserts. They are painted black. There are two types of stands: flat and raised. Raised stands are 2” above the floor so that flat stands may slide under them in order to adjust the playing angle of the stands on Double, Triple, and Four-Pan instruments.

All stands adjust from 27” to 41” for the hanging height of the pan. Thumb screws, situated on the front of the stand near the player, are used to set the height of the inserts. (Taller inserts can be special ordered upon request.) Small hooks on the inside of the adjustable insert are used to suspend the pan.

  • Tenor Stands are flat with two equal length feet of 16”.

  • The Double Stands use a flat stand and a raised stand so the flat stand can slide under the raised stand, adjust to the desired playing angle and not get in the way of your feet while playing.

  • The Triple Stands have a flat stand on the left and right and a raised stand in the center, again to accommodate the angle of the stands and to stay out of the way of your feet while playing.

  • Quadraphonic Stands alternate flat, raised, flat, raised.

  • Suspension for the Bass is done with hard foam balls, three balls are used for each bass so 18 balls are required for the set of 6-Bass.

quad or tenor Bass Stands.jpg
tenor Stand.jpg
Tenor Stand
tenor Stand.jpg
Triple Stand
quad or tenor Bass Stands.jpg
Starter set of Stands
Tripple Stands.jpg
Double Stand
Quad or Tenor Bass Stand

Steel Pan Book

"So You Want To Start A Steel Pan Band"

This book is Highly Recommended!
Char Lusk has brought forth a relevant, useful and much needed book. Undoubtedly, the most complete "how to" manual we've come across. Whether you already have or want to start a steel pan program for children or adults in a school, church, recreation or community situation, you will benefit from the information in this manual. Collected during the author's many years of teaching steel pan, the informative, yet humorous data contained in this handbook is a compendium of valuable knowledge which others have since found useful when starting their own programs. What began as a list of "helpful hints" has grown into the detailed guidelines presented here. Subjects covered include:

  • Items to clarify with your Pan maker

  • Pan names, patterns and ranges

  • Preparation and maintenance of Pans and equipment

  • Set up and safe handling

  • Storage and transportation

  • Repair

  • Rehearsal and Performance

  • Curriculum and grading

  • Basic music arranging

  • The Engine Room
    (percussion and set grooves for various styles and difficulty levels)

  • Resources

  • Historical information

  • $50.00

By Charlene F Lusk
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